• Carolina Forest
      Presbyterian Church

    • A New PCA church
      in Myrtle Beach

Where We Meet

Morning Worship is at the Horne’s Home at 10:30 AM

located at 4011 Manor Wood Dr., Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

Fellowship begins at 12:00 PM.


We meet on Sunday evenings for a time of song, prayer, digging deep into God’s Word, and fellowship.


Currently, we are meeting for Bible Study in the arts & crafts room of the Lakeside Crossing community.

We are located a short drive from Carolina Forest Blvd.

Address: 140 Lakeside Crossing Dr. Conway, SC 29526

Phone: (843) 903-7379 or (864) 391-1780

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News & Events

Dear Friends and Family, Here is our latest newsletter. God has really been at work in our area. There has also been some changes to where we worship. We are so thankful for you and how much you show your love towards us! May God continue to bless you in your work for Him as

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...and you shall love your neighbor as yourself. ~ Matt. 22:39 One of the opportunities of hurricane Florence has been the long-lasting effect of its impact. With it moving so slowly and dropping constant, continuing rainfall from North Carolina through Charleston, SC for days; the widespread impact of flooding has caused more distress than the actual storm itself for many people. Many of them live literally live in the neighborhoods to the right of us

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Hurricane Florence has forced many life changes for many people. In fact, it has caused many churches much heart ache in seeing their beautiful sanctuaries damaged by the flood waters. Although the hurricane or floods haven't hurt our church in any way, it they did force us to do something new in our life. Over the last several weeks the school we have met in was closed by the district for various reasons due to

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Announcement: we are meeting at the Horne's home again for our Sunday morning worship. Everyone is invited. Time: 10:30 am You are also invited to stay for fellowship and lunch afterwards. For information/directions call Pastor Mark: (864) 391-1780 Our Sunday night Bible study/prayer will remain the same at 140 Lakeside Crossing Dr. in the Art Room, 6:30pm. Additionally, we are going to minister to our area in two ways over the next several weeks. First,

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Hey All, I wanted to let you know that we will not be meeting at the school this Sunday 9/23/18. I got a call yesterday and was told that the school is still closed. The primary reason is they don't have any staff to open for us. As of yesterday, there were still over 900 employees who haven't returned to MB as a result of evacuating from the storm/flood. So, Lisa and I decided that

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Partner with Us

We need friends to partner with us in two ways:

We need individuals to consistently pray for our church, the leadership, new members, witnessing opportunities, the pastor and his family, financial needs, and any other aspect that the Holy Spirit leads so that Carolina Forest Church can get started and launched as God so desires.

We need individuals, churches, Sunday school classes, bible/fellowship groups, etc. to be one time contribution partners, monthly partners, quarterly partners, or yearly partners so that we can get started and sustained financially.

If you feel lead to contribute to Carolina Forest Church, you may give online here. We currently use PayPal’s encrypted gateway, so your information is secure. Click on the “Give” button and you will be directed to a secure PayPal popup window where you can donate with your preferred credit card.


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Contact Us

Postal address:
Carolina Forest Church PO Box 51503 Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

Phone number:
(843) 903-7379

Pastor Mark’s cell number:
(864) 391-1780


Pastor Mark’s old blog:

You can also find Pastor Mark on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

Sermon Archive





Sunday Morning


Luke 2:1-7 The Birth of Christ Luke 1:26-38 The Coming of Christ Part 2 Luke 1:26-38 The Coming of Christ Part 1



Psalm 69:29-36 Our Hope In God



John 20:14-16 Summer Series pt. 23 – Our Hope In Christ John 10:14-16 Summer Series pt. 22 – The Cost of Love Matthew 26:57-65 Summer Series pt. 21 – Loving in the Midst of Evil Luke 19:41-44 Summer Series pt. 20 – Jesus’ Loving Sorrow Matthew 20:17-28 Summer Series pt. 19 – Humility Leads to Love John 11:50-53 Summer Series pt. 18 – More Love Isaiah 62:10-12 Summer Series pt. 17 – Our Savior Ever Seeks Us John 17:1-24 Summer Series pt. 16 – Love Leads to Relationship Mark 8:14-21 Summer Series pt. 15 – Giving Control Matthew 14:25-32 Summer Series pt.14 – Losing Control Luke 5:1-11 Summer Series pt. 13 – Rethinking Relationships Mark 6:30-44 Summer Series pt.12 – The Source of Love John 4:1-43 Summer Series pt. 11 – The Intimate Stranger Galatians 4:8-12 Summer Series pt. 10 – Loving Your Community Mark 5:21-43 Summer Series pt. 9 – Love Others God Puts in Your Life Luke 19:1-10 Summer Series pt.8 – Loving with Christ’s Light in Us John 7:1-9 Summer Series pt. 7 – The Source of Compassion Luke 14:7-14 Summer Series pt. 6 – Loving With Honesty Luke 6:31 – Summer Series pt. 5 – Loving Out the Golden Rule Luke 7: 36-50 Summer Series pt. 4 – I Don’t Want to Understand You John 9 Summer Series pt. 3 – Please Understand Me Luke 10:25-37 Summer Series pt. 2 – Looking With Jesus’ Eyes Luke 7:7-11 Summer Series pt. 1 -Looking With Love



Matthew 5:8-12 The Christian Attitude pt. 4 Matthew 5:5-7 The Christian Attitude pt. 3 Matthew 5:3-5 The Christian Attitude pt. 2 Matthew 5:1-2 The Christian Attitude pt. 1 Matt. 4:23-25 pt. 5 The Dawning Light Matt. 4:18-22 pt. 4 The Dawning Light Matt. 4:18-22 pt. 3 The Dawning Light Matt. 4:12-17 pt. 2 The Dawning Light Matt. 4:12-17 pt. 1 The Dawning Light Matt. 4:1-11 How to Overcome Temptation Pt. 3 Matt. 4:1-11 How to Overcome Temptation Pt. 2 Matt. 4:1-11 How to Overcome Temptation Pt. 1 Matt. 3:7-12 Pt. 4 Fruits of Repentance Matthew 3:7-12 Fruits of Repentance Pt. 3 Matthew 3:7-12 Fruits of Repentance Pt.2 Matt. 3:7 Repentance & Confession pt.1 Matthew 3:1-6 Called Out of the System Pt.2 Matthew 3:1-6 Called Out of the System Pt. 1 Matthew 2:16-23 Fulfilled Prophecy (Part 2) Matthew2:12-15 – Prophecy Fulfilled (Part 1) Matthew 2:1-12 – Kings and Fools (Part 3) Matthew 2:1-12 – Kings and Fools (Part 2) Matthew 2:1-3 Kings and Fools, Part 1 Micah 4 – The Waiting is the Hardest Part (Rev. Chrishon Ducker) Matthew 1:18-25 The Virgin Birth – Part 2 Matt. 1:18-25 The Virgin Birth – Part 1 Psalm 136 – Yada, Yada, Yada (Rev. Chrishon Ducker) Matthew 1:1-17 “The Gracious King” Romans 12:4-5 The Power of the Church Eph.6:18 The Power of Prayer Hebrews 4:12 The Power of God’s Word Romans 6:3-7 The Power of the Sacraments



Sunday Evening


Psalm 63 – Jehovah Our Satisfaction



Ruth 2:8-11 Lesson 11 Ruth 2:4-7 Lesson 10 Ruth 2:2-3 Lesson 9 Ruth 1:22-2:1 Lesson 8 Ruth 1:19-21 – Lesson 7 Ruth 1:15-18 Lesson 6 Ruth 1:11-14 Lesson 5 Ruth 1:8-10 Lesson 4 Ruth 1:6-7 Lesson 3 Ruth 1:3-5 Lesson 2 Ruth 1:1-2 Lesson 1




Phil. 4:6 Care & Prayer Phil. 4:4-5 The Cure for Care Phil. 4:1-3 Staying in Harmony Phil. 3:21 The Hope of Heaven Phil. 3:20 Citizens of Heaven Phil. 3:17-19 The Importance of A Godly Example Phil. 3:15-16 Hold On Phi. 3:13-14 The Intium of Eternity

Phil. 3:12 Know How You Will Continue

Phil. 3:10-11 Know How You Got There Phil. 3:9 Know Who You Are Phil. 3:7-8 Know What You Have Phil. 3:2-3 Beware and Know Who You Are Eph. 3:1 The Finis of Everything Phil. 2:26-28 The Gambler Phil. 2:24-25 The Missing Link Phil. 2:21-22 Looking to Christ Phil. 2:19-20 A Keen Responsibility Phil. 2:17-18 Joy in Christ Phil. 2:16 Standing with Christ Phil. 2:14 – 15 Personal Living Malachi 2:27-35 The Nearness of God Phil. 2:12-13 Our Purpose Continues Phil. 2:10-11 Mind of Christ, Pt. 5 Phil. 2:9 Mind of Christ, Pt. 4 Phil. 2:8 Mind of Christ, Pt. 3 Phil. 2:5-7 Mind of Christ, Pt. 2 Phil. 2:5-7 Mind of Christ (Part 1) Phil. 2:3-4 Mercy Hearted Phil. 2:1-2 Pillars of Christian Unity Phil. 1:29-30 Suffering for Christ John 10:1-10 – I Am the Door Phil. 1:27-28 Privileges and Responsibilities Phil. 1:25-26 Progress In Faith Phil 1:22-24 – Live & Labor Phil 1:21 – Hold On to Christ What Is Your Motive – Phil. 1:18-20 I Am the Bread of Life – John 6:35-40 Easter Sunrise Service – Hebrews 2:11-15 Philippians 1:15-17 – Nothing More, Nothing Less Everything For Christ – Phil. 1:12 – 14 Completing Our Mission Together (part 3) Phil. 1 :9 – 11 Completing Our Mission Together – Part 2 (Phil 1:7-9) Completing Our Mission Together – Part 1 (Phil 1:1-7)