Dear Friends and Family,

First, I want to thank everyone who has called, texted, emailed, etc. to check on us and to offer for us to stay with you. We had folks from TN, NC, Upstate SC, and GA offer a bed and food. We are overwhelmed with the outpouring of love. It won’t be forgotten. Now for our situation, Lisa and the kids evacuated to our hometown (Abbeville, SC) Wednesday while I stayed behind to serve in whatever way I could. Tanner and Jonathan even went on up to Covenant College for homecoming yesterday and worshipped at Lookout Mt. Pres. this morning. It’s been lonely for me; but productive in prayer, reading, and even outreach. I’ve been able to get in touch with most everyone in our core group and they are safe, either in their own homes or traveling back to MB. Although we continue to have a lot of rain and strong gusts of wind, in God’s providence my neighborhood didn’t lose power. I’m thankful for a wife that left me a well stocked fridge and freezer. The only item I’ve had to buy is milk for my cereal, which is nowhere to be found other than the two half-cartons of goats milk I purchased in Wal-Mart last night 😕 (we’ll see how that goes tomorrow). Continue to pray for our area. We just made it through a tornado warning that ended at 12:45pm, but we are still in a watch until 5:00pm unless something changes. I ventured out this morning to deliver some ministry packages to our area first responder stations and to assess any damages. Please keep them, the line-workers, road crews, nurses/doctors, and other service people in prayer as they have dangerous jobs and many people in need. Also, keep those in prayer who may be affected by possible tornados today and will be affected by flooding in the coming days. Those are really the two weather concerns I have right now. Finally, keep those who are traveling home in prayer for safe trips. We are planning for Lisa and the kids to come home tomorrow. We will see how road closures determine that plan. The ministry plan now is to see what needs are in our immediate area and then possibly go in the direction of Lumberton, NC to help where needed along the way. We have many sister churches that we will contact to see where we might jump in to help.

Much love in Christ,


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