…and you shall love your neighbor as yourself. ~ Matt. 22:39

One of the opportunities of hurricane Florence has been the long-lasting effect of its impact. With it moving so slowly and dropping constant, continuing rainfall from North Carolina through Charleston, SC for days; the widespread impact of flooding has caused more distress than the actual storm itself for many people. Many of them live literally live in the neighborhoods to the right of us and across the river from us. If you haven’t read it in my past social media posts, the Intra-Coastal Waterway is 670 yards from our house. I think the altitude of our neighborhood was high enough that the rising water level did not reach us. For that we give the Lord praise. However, many around us are hurting and are in great need. We have taken measures of ministry to let neighbors know that God loves them, we care for them, and even  more outside our community cares for them, too. Below are some ways we have done this, partnering with friends as well. Pray for our neighbors and others who are in great need and pray for us as we continue to provide hope through our Savior, Jesus Christ.


One of the things we wanted to do was provide “flood buckets” for the area residents whose homes were flooded. We started by going to our Mission to North America (MNA) Disaster Response staging sight to obtain 25 already made buckets to get us started. They provided Bibles as well. The staging sight for our area is Mullins PCA in Mullins, SC. Pictured is Katherine and Rev. Jason Brewer, pastor of Mullins PCA. Here is the link for Mullins PCA website: Mullins PCA

The link for MNA Disaster Response is here: MNA Disaster Response





In addition to the flood buckets we received from MNA/Mullins PCA, we worked to contribute buckets to what was given:
















We then went into the neighborhoods to pass the flood buckets out and to let them know that we care for them. We gave them our information to contact us for help with their homes, and we shared with them our MNA Disaster Response resource of teams who could come to help them muck out their homes.  Below are only a few sample pictures.
















We ended the week by providing diapers for families who desperately need them. Through monetary donations given for our ministry outreach, we had enough left over after purchasing flood bucket supplies to purchase boxes of diapers for another non-profit organization who has a wonderful ministry in Horry county – Family Outreach of Horry County. We got to know them through their ScoopFest fundraiser in Market Commons area of Myrtle Beach in August.



Their website can be found here: Family Outreach of Horry County






I have already mentioned some of our partners that made this happen so far: Mullins PCA, MNA Disaster Response, Family Outreach of Horry County, and our own church family. However, I want to give a special thank you to Westview Middle School, a school where I used to teach in Greenwood, SC. Teri Bolick contacted me and asked what they could do. After making several suggestions, they decided to raise money for us to help minister to those affected by the flood. Thank you WMS, your Titan effort has been put to good use. The link for Westview Middle School is here: Westview Middle School and the video for their effort can be found here WMS Hurricane Video


But we are not done. There are still much more we can do for our community. Pray with us for God to show us where and how we may continue loving our neighbors.


Pastor Mark

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