Our Pastor’s Family

Mark and Lisa are both covenant children of the same little PCA church in Abbeville, SC (Lebanon, PCA).

They grew up knowing each other all throughout their church life. However, it wasn’t until high school that they really became interested in one another. Lisa was the youth director of their church for about four years and Mark would help her out at youth group Bible studies or as a counselor on youth retreats.

As time passed their friendship grew into a more serious relationship and then marriage. Their family grew as God blessed them with three beautiful children: Tanner (18), Jonathan (16), and Katherine (11) who loves the Lord and are as much a part of their ministry as they are.

Mark and Lisa spent their first 14 years of ministry in more of a church revitalization role. However, God often changes our direction and the last year and a half God put them on a self-reflecting, soul-search of what was next for them. Through a passing statement, a friend mentioned to Mark that he ought to think about church planting. After dismissing the thought nonchalantly, he and Lisa began to put it to prayer.

Over the last sixteen months, God has given them one confirmation after another that church planting is where He wants them. The final confirmation for them was to test whether they might be called and equipped to plant a church.

So, Mark and Lisa went to Mission to North America’s (MNA) Assessment Center in April 2016. There they spent a week undergoing rigorous evaluations of their personalities and gifts for church planting.

Always at the back of their minds was Myrtle Beach, SC. It is a place where they both spent a lot of time as children on vacation with their families. Due to God’s providence and blessing, it is where they also took their children when they went on vacation over the last 21 years.

Myrtle Beach is a good fit for them. They believe God has been molding them and preparing them for the great challenges and blessings that lie ahead in starting a new church in the Carolina Forest Community and creating a new home for their family.